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In Loving Memory Of People That I Lost Due to Aids:
I Invite you people to invest and reserve some of your computer free time to help researchers
finding a reliable cure for HIV virus by subscribing
to this BOINC service
I  39;m tired Of You Bitches And Motherfuckers Hitting Then Running Seed What You Get If 
You Wanna Keep The Torrent Alive, I Did My Job So What About Yours, Torrent Protocol 
Is About Sharing, I  39;m Really Pissed Of.
wow today one of my dreams just come true an antivirus engine using GPGPU is out and 
is already 100 times faster than a regular engine using only cpu plus it  39;s open 
source which means free
check it out:
Hey people Out There Just To Let You KNow i  39;m so glad of my self Just Because of this high end
personal supercomputer configuration:
-Motherboard  Dual Cpu Socket 1366  = SuperMicro X8DAH F
-CPU = 2 x Intel Xeon 5560  a total of 8 physical core = 16 threads 
Raid Controller = 3Ware Raid Card
HDD = 8 x 2 TO Mounted In Raid 6
Ram = 4 x 4 GB = 16 GB
Chassis = Zalman
SSD = 2 x 80 GB Intel SSD Mounted in Raid 1  System Volume 
GPU = ATI 5970  That  39;s My Baby, The Important Piece In My Config After The HDDs  It Developps
Approximatively 5 Teraflops Of Raw Computing Power
But Even If I Have All This GPGPU Computing Power Inside The GPU, I  39;m Still Waiting For Software
To Take Advantage o this horsepower And here is my Dream list 
for GPGPU Application:
-Hash Check Functionnality Inside Most P2P Application  Torrent And Edonkey Network 
-Real Time Encoding Inside Streaming Application Especially  mycast orb Stream 
-archive applicaion  like winrar and 7zip  even if this compression is not a 100  parallel task,
still some task can be handled by the GPU
-HD Decoding Is Already Implemented But Just For h.264 And VC-1 Even If All The Functinnalities Are
Handled By The GPU The xvid and divx HD Is Not Supported Yet
-Video Transcoding  H.264 codec , The aVailable Solution Like Badaboom Are Not As Good As the Free
x.264 implementation of videolan which use the CPU
-Video Transcoding  Dirac Video 
-Audio Transcoding  Ogg Vorbis  My Favorite Audio Format But Still Take Some Time When ranscoded
using the CPU  i wish ayoumi can hear my voice 
AAC also is to be considered but not Mp3 i don  39;t use that old format at all
-Search option inside windows explorer
-thumbnail generation inside windows explorer  it will make navigation inside folders with big
content an easy task 
-media library scan inside media player  as i  39;m concerned winamp my best audio player  having
inside my pc as of now 175643 albums, looking for new content to add to the 
library is always a time consuming task  i hope also that winamp encoder will take advantage of GPU

-Parallelization  and pipelining  inside the opensource application called Truecrypt
-Real time upscaling of SD Videos To HD Format Inside media players like  Vlc And Media player
-real time video enhancement for low quality videos  noise removable, stabelisation...... 
........any other suggestion
                                    god bless you   
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               So for every comment i will seed an other full ratio = 100 
                and for any thanks it will be = 50 
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