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Learn essentials of rigging and establish a solid foundation. Learn flexible rigging methods,
several rigging and character setup tools, and the essentials of building animator-friendly controls
with 3ds Max. Contains over 3 hours of project-based training.
Popular highlights include: Reference Coordinate System; Choosing an Axis Order for Control Objects;
Custom Toolbars; Customizing Quad Menus; Layers; Expressions; Wired Parameters; Forward Kinematics
vs. Inverse Kinematics; List Controllers; Position Constraint; LookAt Constraint; Orientation
Constraint; Link Constraint; Control Objects; Control Object Reservoir; Bone Tools; Mirroring Bones;
Scaling Bones; The IK Solvers of Max; Creating an FK Spline Rig; IK FK Snapping; Skin Modifier;
Morpher Modifier; Skin Morph Modifier; Skin Wrap Modifier; Rigging Techniques; Custom Parameters;
Smooth and Rigid Skinning; Painting Weights; Weight Tool and Weight Table; Mirroring Envelopes;
Exporting Envelopes; Angle Deformers; Quick and Easy Muscles with Bones; Selection Sets;
1. Introduction
2. Establishing naming conventions 
3. Linking objects to create parent/child hierarchies 
4. Creating bones in Max 
5. Editing bones in Max 
6. Working with a bone s fin adjustment tools 
7. Utilizing the HI IK and Limb IK Solver
8. Rigging with the Spline IK Solver and creating IK Solvers 
9. Building bones for the leg and connecting an IK Solver 
10. Setting up control objects in the leg rig 
11. Working with Max s Position and Orientation Constraint
12. Utilizing the LookAt Constraint 
13. Rigging with the Link Constraint to avoid bone skewing
14. Rigging with Groups 15. Customizing Max s user interface
16. Wiring Parameters to control parameter values
17. Working with Expressions
18. Choosing a suitable Axis Order for control objects 
19. Using Layers to organize your scene
20. Deforming a mesh with bones via the Skin modifier 
21. Fine-tuning envelope deformations with the Weight Table
22. Editing envelopes with the Paint Weights Tool 
23. Mirroring weights to save time
24. Exporting and importing envelope data 
25. Using Max s Bulge Angle Deformer to correct deformations
26. Exploring the Skin Morph modifier 
27. Rigging for lip-sync animation with the Morpher modifier
28. Controlling mesh deformations with the Skin Wrap modifier 
29. Bonus: Working with Selection Sets
30. Bonus: Creating quick and easy muscles with bones 
31. Bonus: Attaching the muscle to the characte
32. Bonus: Setting up the bones for the FK Spline rig 
33. Bonus: Adding controls to the spline rig 
34. Bonus: Controlling the twisting of the FK Spline rig 
35. Bonus: Finalizing the twist distribution of the FK Spline rig 
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