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Chapter 02_ TCP_IP Concepts, Part1.m4v - 164195167
Chapter 02_ TCP_IP Concepts, Part2.m4v - 308564444
Chapter 03_ Network and Computer Att.m4v - 512652101
These lectures are from the college course  CNIT 123: Ethical Hacking and Network Defense  at City
College San Francisco.  Powerpoint files, lecture notes, and detailed hands-on projects are freely
available at  If anyone has any questions about these materials or this
class, please contact me: Sam Bowne,
Obey the law   The purpose of this information is to educate people about security, not to harm
anyone.  If you do illegal things, you may go to prison, and I won t be able to save you.
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Chapter 02  TCP IP Concepts, Part1.m4v  98cc7f854d39e06f68f30740842b38d6
Chapter 02  TCP IP Concepts, Part2.m4v  ea186fd77de96de3dfea5ff618edfd7a
Chapter 03  Network and Computer Att.m4v 75df60bce22281beced1c8cfc943766d  
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