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Thick As Thieves 2009 BRRip [A Release-Lounge H.264 By Dillenger].mp4 - 2450523693
[A Release-Lounge H264 By Dillenger] 
Release Title:Thick as Thieves
DVD Release Date:17 April 2009  USA 
Certification:Rated R for Language,Sexual Content
Film Length:1hr 43min
Tagline:One Final Job
Storyline:A master thief recruits a notorious thief to help him steal two famous Faberge eggs from
an impenetrable vault in an effort to pull off one final job and repay his debt to the Russian mob.
Antonio Banderas
Morgan Freeman  
Velizar Binev...Tarasov
Antony Byrne...Yaniushkin
Katie Chonacas...June
Robert Forster...Lieutenant Weber
Constantine Gregory...Sergeev
Genre:Crime   Drama[
Language: English 
Original Source:BluRay.1080p.--hV
Size of MP4 file:2.30 GB  2,362 MB / 2,419,207 KB / 2,477,267,991 bytes 
Video Specifications:
Format: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 
Bitrate:2638 kbps
Framerate:23.976 FPS
Encoder: x264 
Resolution:720 x 304
Aspect Ratio:2.35
Advanced Encoding: 2-Pass Encoding
Quality Factor  QF :0.503
Audio Specifications:
Format:AAC-LC / 5.1 
Bitrate:AAC-LC = 128 kbps / AAC 5.1 =384kbps
Channels:AAC-LC= 2  Stereo  / AAC 5.1 = 6 channels  3/2 .1 
Sample Rate:48000Hz 2Ch Stereo  / 48000Hz AAC 5.1 = 6 channels 3/2 .1 
Encoders Note: Introducing the NEW standard of encoding. All films have 2 audio streams. 2 channel
and 5.1 audio. Ps3   people that Burn to disc you just load and go. Xbox users MUST remove 5.1
channel in order to Play,Tutorial is included in the torrent.
Info Hash:9B925BC27C6FB295E67953C39392C272297E6E15
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