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Sand of the Arena  PDF 
by James Duffy
Book 1: The Gladiators of the Empire Novels
 Duffy recreates in gory detail the world of Roman gladiators; fast-paced, sanguinary action; an
entertaining read  --Publishers Weekly
 Well researched and exciting  --Library Journal
In AD 63 the long arm of the Roman Empire stretches across the European continent and the
gladiatorial games are awash in blood and glory. For Quintus Honorius Romanus, son of one of the
richest men in Rome, everything is as it should be -- as long as he can sneak off to the arena for a
little entertainment. Things go drastically wrong, however, when Quintus loses his family, his
social standing, and his name to an imposter. Faced with a life of menial slavery, Quintus joins a
gladiatorial school instead and begins a game of high stakes, as he vows to bring down the usurper
who stole his life. But first he must survive his training. Together with the deadly African hunter
Lindani and the lethal gladiatrix Amazonia, Quintus learns the hard way what it means to live -- and
die -- in the arena.
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