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  File(s): Kratchkovsky - Among Arabic Manuscripts; Memories of Libraries and Men (2016).pdf - 1323971
Al-Azmeh - The Times of History; Universal Topics in Islamic Historiography (2007).pdf - 1870226
Cohen - Maimonides and the Merchants; Jewish Law and Society in the Medieval Islamic World (2017).pdf - 2295798
Hanaoka - Authority and Identity in Medieval Islamic Historiography; Persian Histories from the Peripheries (2016)....
Filius - The Arabic Version of Aristotle’s Historia Animalium; Book I-X of the Kitāb Al-Hayawān (2019).pdf - 29...
DiMeo & Hassan - The Travels of Ibn Battuta; a Guided Arabic Reader (2016).pdf - 3925864
Mumin & Versteegh (Eds.) - The Arabic Script in Africa; Studies in the Use of a Writing System (2014).pdf - 5368976
Silverstein - Postal Systems in the Pre-Modern Islamic World (2007).pdf - 5539573
Gully - Grammar and Semantics in Medieval Arabic; a Study of Ibn-Hisham's 'Mughni l-Labib' (1995).pdf - 5652123
Rahman et al (Eds.) - The Unity of Science in the Arabic Tradition; Science, Logic, Epistemology and their Interact...
Steele - Observations and Predictions of Eclipse Times by Early Astronomers (2000).pdf - 7403852
A Medieval Arabic Study Manual by Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sulami .pdf - 10123129
Goble - Confluences of Medicine in Medieval Japan; Buddhist Healing, Chinese Knowledge, Islamic formulas and Wounds...
Ullmann - Islamic Medicine (1978).pdf - 12477575
Katz (Ed.) - The Mathematics of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and Islam; a Sourcebook (2007).pdf - 21546007
Rapoport & Savage-Smith - Lost Maps of the Caliphs; Drawing the World in Eleventh-Century Cairo (2018).pdf - 221885...
Scheper - The Technique of Islamic Bookbinding; Methods, Materials and Regional Varieties (2015).pdf - 27899693
Robinson - Islamic Historiography (2003).pdf - 28659122
Umail - Corpus Alechemicum Arabicum; Vol. I, Book of the Explanation of the Symbols (2003).pdf - 45058660
Contadini - World of Beasts; a Thirteenth-century Illustrated Arabic on Animals (2012).pdf - 49104856
Titley (Tr.) - The Ni’matanma Manuscript of the Sultans of Mandu; The Sultan’s Book of Delights (2005).PDF - 78...
Sidoli & Brunnelen (Eds.) - From Alexandria, Through Baghdad; Surveys and Studies in the Ancient Greek and Medieva...
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