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About the Seminar
9/11 and 7/7. Two days that changed our world. Two events. Several similarities. Do you question the
official stories regarding these so called  terrorist attacks ?. Are you labeled  a conspiracy
theorist  for simply having questions and pointing out evidence to the contrary? Many advocates of
the government line regarding these two events will simply not consider alternative views against
what they have been told is true and instead stubbornly repeat the media mantra of  Islamic
extremism is to blame  no matter what piece of alternative material is presented to them. Must we
now employ a different tactic? Join us as we set  conspiracy theories  to one side and instead
scrutinize the mainstream perspective regarding these two unprecedented atrocities. Using material
gathered from news outlets, government spokespeople, intelligence agencies and other official
sources we will consider the many fundamental and concurrent elements of the official viewpoints
regarding 9/11   7/7 and piece together, bone by bone, the anatomy of attack. A skeletal framework
which, when viewed in its simplicity, may force even the most ardent  coincidence theorist  to
reconsider their standpoint...
About the Speaker
Lee Woudberg has been living in Liverpool for 15 years deciding to stay in the city after completing
his degree course in the late 90 s. He has been studying the Occult for some 20 years, particularly
Tropical Astrology. He is a founder member of MerseysideTruth which set up January 2007. The group
has played host to David Shayler and Annie Machon and to William Rodriguez - the  last man out of
the Twin Towers . Lee has also been actively involved in the Edinburghtruth movement with Liverpool
s own Tim Bleasedale, showing his own presentations which include  The Penny Drops  a film which
explores the possibility of a Cashless Society. On 9/11, before the event itself, Lee had almost
given up on his Occult studies. Wishing for a more normal, simpler life. That was until the first
plane-strike, which coincided with a knock on his front door from a visitor, returning a book on
 Filmed on Thursday 20th May 2010 7.30pm, Liverpool.  
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