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  File(s): Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective 2009 DVDRip [A Release-Lounge H264 By Micky22].mp4 - 1388570665
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Release Title:  Ace Ventura Jr Pet Detective 2009 DVDRip [A Release-Lounge H264 By Micky22]
DVD Release Date: March 3, 2009
Certification: PG
Film Length: 1:33:33
Tagline: He s the burping, farting, snorting, spitting image of his dad.
Storyline:  I will try to be normal  12-year-old Ace Ventura Jr. promises. Thats cool, except whats
normal for him is
finding missing mutts, kidnapped kitties or gone gators and creating hilarious chaos every step of
the way. Like father, like son, its in his nature to be
a pet defective detective  And when a zoos baby panda is stolen and Aces mom is Suspect  1, our
young hero sets out to clear the family name. Its a new
generation of family fun and goof-brained comedy panda-monium as Ace Ventura Jr.  Josh Flitter of
Nancy Drew and License to Wed  teams with adventurous
girl-next-door Laura  Emma Lockhart  and nerdish gizmo-wiz A-Plus  Austin Rogers  to chase down
leads and laughs. Ready for fun? Allriiiighty-then. Ace -
Ace Jr. is on the case 
Cast: Josh Flitter ... Ace Ventura Jr
Emma Lockhart ... Laura
Austin Rogers ... A-Plus
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chris Adler ... Pennington Jr s Body Guard
Robie Alan ... Special Government Agent
Reed Alexander ... Quenton Pennington Jr
Christian Andreas ... Guard in dinosaur chase
Karl Anthony ... Laura s Dad
Sam Bauso ... FBI Agent
Jessica Blackmore ... Assistant with white horse
Harrison Boxley
Connor Boyle ... Seth
Haley Boyle ... Rolex Girl
Justin Brown ... Churro Guy
Jeff Chase ... Penningtons Guard
Brian Patrick Clarke ... Pennington
Jim R. Coleman ... Judge Barnes
John Connon ... Tour Guide
Whitney Costner ... Witness
Ann Cusack ... Melissa Ventura
Cullen Douglas ... Dr. Sickinger
Tori Eadie ... Little Laura with pony
Omar Elkalyoubie ... Chinese Dignitary
Bayley Ellenburg ... Witness
Jeff Ellenburg ... Wittness
Emily Rose Everhard ... Additional voices  voice 
Kendall Ganey ... Little Girl - Spelling Bee
Ciara Gari ... Student
Wael Georgey ... FBI Agent
Lisa Glaze ... Director
Brandi Hanson ... Tara s friend
William Haze ... Magicia
Tom Hillmann ... The Trooper
Kelsie Erin Howell ... Party Kid
Ariana Kollman ... Spelling Bee Girl
Art LaFleur ... Russell Hollander
Trevin Lica ... Bully  1
Leslie Maine ... FBI Agent
Amari Marshall ... Student
Tiffany Marshall ... Crash Driver / Cafeteria Worker
Angel McBride ... iPod Gir - Tara s Friend
Celestial McBride ... Spelling Bee Contestant - Marina s Friend
Melody Mccraney ... Teacher
Ashley Milchman ... Emo Kid  1
Brooke Milchman ... Emo Kid  2
Jennifer Paige Moralez ... Student / Party Dancer
Genre: Action   Adventure   Comedy   Mystery
Language: English
Original Source: Jackel DVDR
Size of MP4 file: 1.29 GB
Video Specifications:
Format: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
Bitrate: 1595 kbps
Framerate:29.981 FPS
Encoder: x264
Resolution: 700X400
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Advanced Encoding: 2-Pass Encoding
Quality Factor  QF  0.185
Audio Specifications:
Format: AAC-LC
Bitrate: AAC = 128 kbps / AAC 5.1 = kbps
Channels: AAC-LC= 2  Stereo  / AAC 5.1 = 6 channels  3/2 .1 
Language: English
Sample Rate: 48000Hz
Subtitles: Eng,Fre,Esp
Encoders Notes: Introducing the NEW standard of encoding. All films have 2 audio streams. 2 channel
stereo and 5.1
audio. Ps3   people that Burn to disc you just load and go. Xbox users MUST remove 5.1 channel in
order to Play but takes 2 mins by following the guide
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