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The Biography of a Language
Melvyn Bragg travels through Britain to tell the story of how an insignificant German dialect, which
only arrived in the country in the fifth century, evolved into a language which is now spoken and
understood by more people than any other around the world. We trace English from its humble roots to
its flowering in the writing of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
English is a global language. Every day, in cities all around the world, English is used in
encounters between people of different countries. It is estimated that well over a thousand million
people around the world speak, or have a working understanding of, English.
This is its story. It s a story that really reads like an adventure of extraordinary survival,
invasion, near extinction on more than one occasion, and astonishing flexibility.
Part 4: This Earth, this Realm, this England
Visiting the England of Queen Elizabeth the First shows how naval enterprise and foreign trade
brought scores of new words into the language. Scholars were bringing new Latin terms into the
language, and there was a movement to stop this and keep English  pure . Shakespeare combined the
languages of the common people and the aristocracy to take English to new heights and to invent so
many memorable words and phrases.
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